Scary Dave (scarydavedc) wrote in trojanwhoresdc,
Scary Dave

It's A Rocky Horror Halloween, Washington D.C.!

Halloween is once again upon us, and with it the promise of plenty thrills & chills for all you boils, ghouls and other fishnet-clad freaks in the Washington and Baltimore areas:

In it's final week at the DCAC is Diamond Dead, the new stage adaptation of the upcoming movie from Richard Hartley and George Romero, brought to you by the Landless Theatre Company. For more info, visit, or

For all you Balti-Morons, the Spotlighter's Theater shows us once again that there is more to Rocky than just a movie with thier production of The Rocky Horror Show. For more information, visit or

Hot off The Spotlighter's heels, The Kensington Art's Theatre brings the Rocky Horror Show back to the DC area once again. Visit for more information.

Come October 30th, The Satanic Mechanics are at it again, this time performing a shadow cast of the zombie-comedy Army of Darkness, just in time for Halloween. Once again, this midnight movie is FREE! And don't worry, The Satanic Mechanics will be back doing what they do best, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, on December 4th!

For those of you longing for a regular showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show INSIDE the Beltway, never fear: The Trojan Whores are working to bring Rocky back to DC! If you would like to become involved or find out how you can help, email us at or visit one of the following sites:

With the recent closing of Visions, Landmark Theater's has picked up the Midnight Movie torch, presenting new movies every Friday & Saturday at their E Street and Bethesda Row locations. Halloween Weekend, Bethesda Row will be tricking us with The Shining and E Street will be treating us with The Nightmare Before Christmas. For more information, visit their website at
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