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The Satanic Mechanics of College Park present The Rocky Horror Picture Show for FREE!

"The semester culminates in the our seasons finale performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's everything you've been waiting for... Don't dream it, be it!?"

This Saturday, May 7th, at MIDNIGHT!
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This Weekend, Friday & Saturday Midnight Movies Return!

Kyle MacLachlan in David Lynch's Blue Velvet • May 6 & 7
"Ni!" Monty Python and the Holy Grail • May 13 & 14
He's got killer dance moves! Napoleon Dynamite • May 20 & 21
The Director's Cut! Donnie Darko • May 27 & 28
XXX-rated 3-D! Disco Dolls in Hot Skin • Jun 3 & 4
Wear your flair! Mike Judge's cult hit Office Space • Jun 10 & 11
New 35mm print of the Director's Cut! Brazil • Jun 17 & 18

Visit Landmark's website for more information!
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