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Hey guys! I'm Nerie, an (ex) Rich Weirdo from the Universal cast in Orlando, FL. I just wanted to offer your cast a real movie trailer (fit to play in a standard theater!) from Rob Zombie's long awaited debut House of a 1000 Corpses I have it up for sale in my selling journal here:

It was given to me by a friend that worked at a movie theater (I'm a photo student) and he figured I could use it for a project or something. Two years later, I haven't. I've already had one offer (for $20) from someone in a cast in Arizona.. but she hasn't responded to my comments. I'd put it up on Ebay if I didn't think it would be taken down. Anyway, I figured I'd offer it here in case someone wanted it for a pre show for Halloween or some other special weekend viewing.

And before you mention it, yes I've already contacted my old cast director about it since my old cast does Moulin Rouge on our off weekends.. apparently he hates horror films!

Thanks for looking and if you know of another place to post this, or don't want this here, let me know and I'll delete it!
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