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Shocky Horror Internet Show - Friday, Feb 10th!

The folks that brought you The Rocky Horror Internet Show present


in celebration of the news of the release of Shock Treatment on DVD (On April 17th, in the UK at least) as part of Doc's Triple-M Show on Radio Nosferatu the Friday, February 10th. Pre-preshow should be starting about 6pm EST, Preshow at 9 pm EST, which will then be followed by Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment at 10pm EST, both in their entireties.

To tune in, simply go to Radio Nosferatu and click on the Jack In link. If you're using Firefox/Mozilla and get a text page instead of the stream starting, go here. It'll fix you right up. Radio Nosferatu's main server can handle up to twenty listeners, and back up servers will be ready to meet any additional demand.

To get in on the AP, visit us in IRC at #rf-callahans on Undernet (Don't forget brush up on your Rocky Horror & Shock Treatment AP lines before you do). Also, feel free to make requests before the show!

Doc's Triple-M Show is only one of the many shows Radio Nosferatu has running all week long, so be sure to check out the webpage for more details!
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